Raja Burman

“My goal was to lose weight and build muscle.”

My progress has been good, but due to COVID-19, it has been a little bit of a stop/start journey.

However, my body composition has changed significantly. I enjoy training with my trainer who is knowledgeable and has a good training style!


“I engaged Fitloft as I wanted a training fitness programme personalised to my needs.”

Thanks to the sessions with my trainer, I have developed better definition on my arms and built my upper body strength. I now know my way around a gym a little bit better too.

Thanks Fitloft for helping me through this past year!

Hitasha Sandhu

“I engaged Fitloft for help with my pre-natal training.”

My trainer ensured that I had the right form and did the exercises correctly as I progressed through my pregnancy.

Through the sessions, I built strength and learnt the right postures for my workouts, which has been helpful post-delivery.

My trainer is super friendly and understanding, which makes working out fun yet challenging!

Kaustav Roy

“When I initially engaged Fitloft, I was physically in a bad shape.”

My trainer’s understanding of my different requirements and training plans fit my needs very well. My trainer strives to support me and is knowledgeable in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

My objective was to build strength and lose weight without losing too much muscle mass. Not only have I gained strength, but I also lost weight in the process. This improved my body composition.

He was also able to tailor a training plan for me and help me recover from an injury I sustained playing other sports.

I am looking forward to my trainer pushing me further and setting stretched target goals that I need to meet.